Davina Claire was a main character of The Originals. She was a witch, the regent of the New Orleans Witch Community, a former Harvest Girl and a former High School Student. She was portrayed by the starring cast member Danielle Campbell.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Davina was born in a New Orleans Witch Family and lived with her single mother.

The Harvest Edit

Davina, her best friend Monique, her friend Abigail and her friend Cassie were chosen to be part of The Harvest Ritual. The coven told the girls that it would be an honor to be part of it. When the day of the harvest arrived they understood that it would be necessary to sacrifice them. Davina was saved by Marcel after her friends were sacrificed.

Throught The Vampire Diaries Series Edit

Season 4 Edit

In The Originals, Davina was in her room with one of Marcel's vampires when she asked to open the window, the vampire denied what made Davina through her of the roof using telekinesis.

Throught The Originals Series Edit

Season 1 Edit

In Always and Forever,

Season 2 Edit

In Rebirth,

Season 3 Edit

In For the Next Millennium,

Personality Edit

Before The Harvest Edit

Davina was loyal to her coven and had faith in her ancestors. She did everything that they told what almost got her killed. Later she lost the entire respect for the New Orleans Witch Community.

After The Harvest Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Davina possessed all standard powers and abilities of a human/witch. She proved herself many times when she fought vampires and other witches. She demonstrated a great use of telekinesis especially when had the harvest powers.

Former Powers Edit


Appearances Edit

Season 1 (17/22)

Season 2 (19/22)

Season 3 (15/22)

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